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Diament FORBES 2015 dla Booksfactory.eu

The new Booksfactory house soon!

We are pleased to announce that we are starting construction of a new printing house for Booksfactory. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the project.
Diament FORBES 2015 dla Booksfactory.eu

Diament FORBES 2015
for Booksfactory.eu

We are pleased to announce that
PRINT GROUP Sp. z o.o has been awarded the 2015 Forbes Diamond, which honors Polish companies that achieved the highest average increase in value in 2011-2013.
Druk wielkoformatowy

Kolbus DA260 in Booksfactory

Dear Customers! We just installed new production line. It's automatic machine for production of covers Kolbus DA 260. Machine is perfect for production of hard covers with coardboard spine as well as narrow reel in the spine. We invite you to watch short relation of installation this machine.
sewn books, rounded spine

Meet the Booksfactory people

We are working on many European markets. Here are our representatives.
Print Group docenione przez Muller Martini

Booksfactory appreciated by
Muller Martini

An extensive material about our printing house was published in the winter edition of Panorama magazine. Describes installation of a new line dedicated for production of hard covers Diamant MC 35 and the Connex system.
We invite you to read the article.
e.g. A5, 200 pages,
200 run 2,00 €/copy
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books, paperback
e.g. A5, 200 pages,
500 run 2,37 €/copy
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books, hardback, hardcover
e.g. A5, 60 pages,
200 run 0,78 €/copy
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books, brochures
booksfactory.eu advantages
  • booksfactory, books
    Our customers The choice of professionals We are printing house, specializing in digital prints on demand of small and medium book runs.
  • hardback, paperback printing
    High quality Keeping an eye for a details We are the company that puts a pressure on high quality of our service. All the time we correspond with market requirements to be perceived as an example in the level of a quality standards.
  • sewn books, rounded spine, ink-jet prints
    WEB TO PRINT The effective operation Nice and easy Web-to-Print formula facilitates cooperation and reduces ordering time to a minimum.
  • short run prints books, hardback, paperback
    48 hours from now! Time is a money Part of the publication as well as individual copies of books printed with us could be ready within 48 hours.